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Hotel Nabucco provides guests with trustworthy and independent tour and travel service. You can choose from various tours, which may show you different faces of Prague. We can also help you with arranging tours to other cities – for example Pilsen, Carlsbad, Brno or Kutná Hora.  Various types of reservations may be made from reception desk – from air tickets to hotels and tours.

Concierge Service

Monday – Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

Our hotel concierge provides personalized service to give our guests an insider´s view of Prague. This includes assistance with transportation, theatre tickets, city tours, arranging pet services and babysitting services, flower deliveries, restaurant reservations and more. If you have any special needs or requests, please feel free to contact us prior to your arrival. Email

Theatre tickets

Our specialized staff can assist you with buying tickets for hard-to-get theatre, sports and entertainment events, even a few hours before performance time. For guaranteed availability, it’s best to book ahead. Contact us in advance and inform us about the show you are interested in. We will then make arrangements for you in advance.

Not sure what you want to see? Let us recommend you the perfect show or event based on your interests or needs.





  • Get cultured



Prague Castle

What would an ancient city be without a castle? Prague Castle is actually a walled complex of churches, palaces and other buildings, one of the largest in the world. Its dominant feature is the impressive gothic St Vitus Cathedral, which took nearly 600 years to build.


Charles Bridge

This bridge over river Vltava has been the only way of crossing the water for a long time, contributing to the city’s importance as an east-west trade route. It was named after its main benefactor, King Charles IV, who allegedly used astrology to determine many aspects of its construction. To the bridge there are attached three bridge towers, and the bridge´s length is fully lined by statues and many interesting street vendors.


Old Town Square

Old Town Square is the natural centre of the Old Town. Tiny zigzag streets open up onto a huge square, which is lined with some of Prague’s most impressive sites, including the majestic Týn Cathedral and St Nicholas Church. The centrepiece of the square is the Old Town Hall, adorned with Astronomical clock. This fascinating piece of medieval machinery measures time with excellent accuracy and at every full hour people gather to watch a show of small moving statues on the main clock face. This square is also known for many seasonal markets, concerts and other events.


Jewish Quarter

In the past Prague had a large Jewish community and Josefov was the city´s Jewish quarter. At the turn of the twentieth century the quarter was almost completely rebuilt to change old winding streets into modern thoroughfares inspired by other big European cities. The Nazis removed most of the remaining Jewish population and all that remains of the Jewish quarter today are six synagogues, the Old Jewish Town Hall, and the layered tombstones of the Old Jewish Cemetery.



Prague’s “other” castle is Vyšehrad, allegedly the place the mythical figure Libuše chose for the founding of Prague. Located on a rock overlooking the Vltava river, it holds a number of historical buildings and a large cemetery with some important Czech historical figures.

This is where Prague started! Wander in joy and melancholy.

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is the commercial centre of the city. This long square, or maybe a very wide boulevard, is lined with bright lights and shops. It was one of the main sites of demonstrations during the Velvet Revolution. At the top of the square there is the imposing National Museum and a statue of the Czech patron, saint Wenceslas. At the bottom of the square there is a pedestrian area where many markets and seasonal events take place.

Botanical Gardens:

Prague has two botanical gardens. The less exciting one is situated near Karlovo náměstí.  The larger and more exotic one is located in Troja, just next to the zoo. Huge greenhouses with butterflies, nature paths and outdoor exhibits!


Vítkov Hill:

Home of the largest equestrian statue in the world…but focus on the breathtaking view. Schoolchildren used to have to go to look at the remains of Communist leaders in the building behind the statue but currently it is being turned into a museum.


Olšany Cemetery:

This old Jewish/Christian cemetery houses the real grave of Franz Kafka and is a superb place for wandering.


John Lennon Wall:

A constantly changing graffiti wall. First painted with texts and pictures inspired by John Lennon in the 1980´s by students, it quickly became a symbol of resistance against the communist government.




Mucha Museum:

A museum dedicated to Alphonse Mucha, a painter and decorative artist whose style is the very embodiment of Art Noveau.


Franz Kafka Museum:

Dedicated to Prague’s most famous denizen, whose surreal tales were no doubt influenced by the city’s winding Old Town streets and Austro-Hungarian bureaucracy.


The National Gallery:

Has a number of different branches the largest of which are:


Dox Gallery:

Opened in 2008, an independent centre for contemporary art with a fine café upstairs.


Loreta Prague:

Be enchanted by works of art in a place, which used to be a Baroque pilgrimage site.


Museum of Communism:

An info-packed time warp. Make sure to grab a poster!


Strahov Monastery (Strahovský klášter):

Swoon over this ornate library and grab an excellent micro-brew after!


Museum of Music:

For music lovers and musicians.





Kutná Hora & Ossuary:

This medieval silver-mining town is famous for its ossuary – a church decorated with artistically arranged human bones – as well as for its less morbid (but no-less impressive) Gothic cathedral of St. Barbara. About an hour east of Prague.



Built by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, this fairy-tale castle is about a 45-minute train ride along Berounka river to the southwest of Prague.



The castle where Archduke Franz Ferdinand resided before his assassination, which started the WWI. Located in Benešov, 1hr south of Prague, it features the Archduke’s antler and weapon collection and a 555 acre park with rose gardens, forests, lakes & café.


Terezín / Litoměřice:

Nazi prison camp and Jewish ghetto in a massive 18th century fortress.





Welcome to Prague…where the beer is cheaper than water!


Home of the Giant Metronome, beer garden and a hillside overlooking the Vltava.

U Fleků

Microbrewery and restaurant with special beers (i.e. cherry) and typical Czech dishes.

Staropramen Brewery:

Visit the 2nd largest brewery in the Czech Republic and learn about history of brewing beer in Bohemia while satisfying your taste buds.





Here’s a few key Czech words and phrases to help you learn something before you come to Prague!

If you want to hear them with real Czech pronuntiation, ask the receptionist to help you with it!

Hello – doh-bree-den (Dobrý den)
Goodbye – nask-hled-ah-no-u (Nashledanou)
Yes – ah-no, yo (Ano/ Jo)
No – nay (Ne) 
Thank you – de-koo-yi (Děkuji)
Thanks – dee-kee (Diky)
Please/You’re Welcome/Can I Help You? – pro-seem (Prosím)   
Where is..? – gde ye..? (Kde je..?)
How much is it? – ko-leek toe stoy-yee? (Kolik to stoji?)
I don´t understand – nay-row-zoo-meem (Nerozumím)
Do you speak English? – mloo-vee-teh ahn-glits-kee? (Mluvíte anglický?)
I don´t speak Czech. –nay-mloo-veem chesky. (Nemluvím česky)
Check, please.  – zah-plah-teem, pro-seem (Zaplatím, prosím)
You have beautiful blue eyes. -Mah-teh kraah-sneh mo-dreh ochee (Máte krásné modré oči)
Excuse me (to go through) – zdo-vo-leh-neem (S dovolením)   
Excuse me (sorry) – par-doan (Pardon)
One more (as in, ‘one more beer’), please – yesh-ta yed-no, pro-seem (Ještě jedno, prosím.)
Help! – poh-moats! (Pomoc!)

Who? – G-doh (Kdo?)
What? – Tso (Co?)
Where? – G-deh (Kde?)
When? – G-dee (Kdy?)
Why? – Proach (Proč?)
How? – Yahk (Jak?)

1-yedna (Jedna)
2- dvah (Dva)
3- tree (Tři)
4- chteer-shee (Čtyři)
5- pee-yet (Pět)
6- shest (Šest)
7- sed-oom (Sedm)
8- oh-soom (Osm)
9- deh-vee-yet (Devět)
10- deh-set (Deset)
100- stoh (Sto)
1000- tee-seats (Tisíc)



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